I'm a product leader focused on supporting educational change at scale through educational software products and startups. I am currently the Head of Product at Stepmojo, a K-12 pre-Series A startup focused on expanding course catalogs and supporting teacher staffing shortages through a hybrid virtual and in-person learning lab experience.

Most recently I spent ~10 years building the Open edX Platform as an early product and design team member at edX. In that time I moved through various roles as the product and / or design lead for every Open edX Platform focused product delivery team. I remain an active contributor to the Open edX platform and ecosystem even though I no longer directly work for edX.

Every other semester for the past 7.5 years I have also taught at Olin College as an instructor in the entrepreneurship and design curriculum. Most frequently the UX Design depth course is the course I had been teaching up until my recent move away from Boston meant I could not longer keep teaching in person at Olin!

Looking back even further:

  • Before and during my early years at edX I was the product lead and cofounder of a company called BrightLoop focused on supporting K-5 teachers in capturing qualitative student notes aligned to the Common Core to support differentiated instruction and parental involvement. Brightloop was a MassChallenge / 4.0 Schools / ImagineK-12 company during this time!
  • Before that I was the product designer at Alleyoop, a Pearson funded college readiness supplemental learning startup focused on supporting high school learners.
  • I worked also with Autodesk doing R&D on self-paced learning environments through their IDEA Studio program and Olin College’s SCOPE Program, supporting work that eventually became a patent for supporting in-context visually self-directed learning in professional software.
  • Before that I co-founded Alight Learning, a middle school learning tool, during a leave of absence from Olin College with other classmates.
  • While a student at Olin College, I worked on various other educational projects, culminating in a NAE Grand Challenges Scholars Program portfolio titled “Creating Visual, Self-Directed Learning Environments.”
  • Finally, I graduated from Olin College of Engineering with a B.S. in Engineering: Product Design and Development.