For many people the idea of having your own personal physician, dentist, lawyer, realtor, and other professionals is nothing  out of the ordinary. For my entrepreneurship capstone project at Olin I worked on the rising need for a new professional service: a personal technology advisor, or technologist. The rate at which technology is changing and impacting more and more facets of our personal and business lives makes it virtually impossible to stay current. In the same way a physician knows you and your changing medical needs, a technology advisor is someone who might guide the balance of technology tools in your life.

By the end of the semester, I’d outlined a hypothetical technology advisory experience, which makes tangible how one of these advisors might help someone identify areas of opportunity or need with regards to technology. I’ve decided to test this concept out, and see if this experience does in fact make easier and clearer how to best incorporate new technology tools into your life. Everyone is different and for this reason, some people might benefit from knowing about the latest obscure, experimental Gmail feature that lets them better track their customers, while some people might not know how to use email or SMS. Rather than relying on your tech-savvy relative or family friend, who may understand the latest and greatest technology but not necessarily whether or not its right for your needs, these advisors could bring the technology services industry from a “help me fix or buy something”  role to a comprehensive service provider.

[![]( "Personal Technology Advising")]( Technology Advising: comprehensive technology support services that go beyond help fixing the printer or buying a new phone.
If you’d like to help me test out this new technology advising experience, all it takes it a short meeting over coffee. Your help and feedback is appreciated, and the goal of course would be that you leave with a much better sense of the opportunities that exist for new technology in your personal or business life.